Terazzi Garage Floor Coating

When they want to invest in a beautiful, durable garage floor coating, NJ homeowners look to Garage and Beyond for solutions. As one of the region’s premier garage, basement, showroom, and gallery flooring providers, we know our clients expect results that are attractive, rugged, and unique. If durability, cost, and aesthetics are key concerns, our Terrazzi concrete resurfacing system is ideal.

Terrazzi creates a beautiful polished finish that can add appeal to any residential or commercial space, but it’s also designed to perform under duress. The first component of the system is a specially designed resurfacing compound called Cast-On. This spray is a proprietary blend of fine aggregates such as crushed marble, recycled glass, and iron oxide mix. Once the spray has been administered evenly, the floors are polished to bring out the rich details that nuances in the cement-aggregate matrix. The result is a sophisticated flooring solution that can lend a beautiful, natural, and contemporary edge to any space.

Use the garage floor coating NJ residents choose when they want richly detailed and unique flooring that will retain its value for years to come. Garage and Beyond has worked with clients in Connecticut, NYC, and across Northern and Central NJ. Based out of Fairfield, we’re proud to offer Terrazzi and other advanced concrete and epoxy flooring solutions to our clients. To see the Terrazzi system in person and receive a quote for your renovation, call or visit our Fairfield, NJ showroom today!


Duraamen Terrazi Flooring System

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