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Microtopping Decorative Concrete

Are you intrigued by the unique beauty and appeal of decorative concrete? NJ homeowners as well as those in NYC, NY, and CT look to Garage and Beyond for flooring solutions that suit their exact needs. We specialize in creating flooring systems for areas where performance and durability are key. If you’re looking to beautify and protect your concrete, our Microtopping system can lend a clean, modern look to any space and ensure your floors are able to withstand wear and tear.

Please browse the images on this page to get inspiration for your upcoming renovation. The artisans and flooring professionals on our staff will work closely with you to create stunning designs, patterns, and colors that can breathe new life into older floors. By using brushes, rollers, sprays, squeegees, or towels, a limitless number of designs and effects can be achieved. In addition, our microtopping is quite breathable to allow moisture vapor within the floors to escape to prevent delamination and blistering. This also protects steel reinforcements and reduces the potential of corrosion.

Ready to learn more about our decorative concrete? NJ property owners can research our Semco, Duraamen, Elite Crete, and Skimstone systems using the links on this page. When durability, aesthetic appeal, and cost are all key concerns, we can deliver the optimal flooring solution for your home or garage. Invest in the designer concrete NJ homeowners prefer. To speak with our staff about our flooring systems and receive a quote, visit our showroom in Fairfield, NJ or call us today 866-568-5611!


Recommended Decorative Concrete Flooring Systems

Semco – Modern Seamless Surface

Duraamen – Decorative High Performance Flooring

Elite Crete – Seamless Flooring Systems

Skimstone – An Exciting Alternative to Traditional Flooring

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