Garage and Beyond’s Hybrid Flooring Systems combine the best attributes of all resin systems, making them the most value-packed systems on the market today. A key component is the cementitious urethane base coat featuring a high tolerance for moisture (up to 15 lbs.) and tenacious bonding. This makes them an ideal choice over newly placed (green) concrete and excellent for resurfacing existing tile, acid brick and quarry tile. This system is also a great option for fast-track installations, including use of fork lifts within 24 hours of work completion. Combine this with topcoats of epoxy – polyurethane or polyaspartic to provide you with the performance benefits for your specific application.

Our Hybrid Epoxy, Polyaspartic and Urethane flooring systems offer the flexibility needed to make sure your needs can be met with a product that is right for your business and will deliver the lasting value you expect. These self leveling cementitious urethane systems range from a 1/8” to 1/4″ thick. It is designed to function under excessively  heavy use and abusive conditions including rapid and deep thermal cycling, chemical exposure, high heat and wet service areas. Hybrid floors are also moisture tolerant and  can be installed where high rates of moisture vapor emission or residual moisture content would prevent the use of non-breathing impervious flooring systems. Unlike MMA (methyl methacrylates) products, our Hybrid Floors are fully reacted urethane mortar system that are nonflammable and nearly odorless during placement and cure. Our Hybrid Floors will not soften when exposed to heat and chemicals. It complies with all Federal, State and Provisional VOC requirements.

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