RedLine Garage Workbenches offer the ultimate garage workbench, storage and organization solution for garage, home workshop, or industrial setting. Need a work area for gardening, a woodworking shop, or an auto shop but can’t find exactly what you want? Let us build one for you.

Design your own custom workbench

garage workbench Start your design with a custom length counter in your choice of black polyurethane or maple butcher block and add storage cabinets, drawers or speciality storage cabinets to create your perfect workbench. From the simple garage workbench shown to the right, to the workbench below, featuring a much larger selection of cabinets and accessories, your imagination is the only limit. When you combine all the speciality cabinets, drawer combinations and add-ons, almost unlimited configurations are available, and with your choice of 12 powder-coated colors, will look great anywhere.

From an off-the-floor design to a rugged powder-coated finish, RedLine Garage Workbenches are designed to take nearly anything everyday life can throw at them. And with our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty, you’ll enjoy these workbenches for a long, long time! And upkeep is minimal. Simply wipe down occasionally with a damp cloth or mild household cleaner. The work surfaces and exteriors on these garage workbenches will withstand almost anything found in the typical garage.

garage workbench with overhead cabinets

Your workbench isn’t finished at the countertop

Need more storage or additional ways to organize your tools or work items? Don’t forget the space over your workbench. Add overhead cabinets, tall storage cabinets, slatwall and more, to make your work bench the center of your organized workspace. And if you need a workbench to move to a different work area, take a look at our Rolling Cart. Its a great complement to a stationery workbench.

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