Off the Floor and Out of the Way

You come home late from a hard days work and you barely fit your car in the garage. Boxes are sporadically placed, seasonal items laid up against a wall, gardening equipment stacked in a corner, kids bikes thrown on the floor, its a minefield of personal items that have no proper place. You skip and hop, dodge and weave, just to get through the mess and into the comfort of your home. Why should your garage be a virtual dumping ground?

At last – a quick, easy, affordable way to get organized. With our super-strong, universal Wall Grid Storage Systems or our Fast Trak Slat Wall System, you’ll never misplace a tool again or trip over a rake in the dark.

Choose from hundreds of accessories including; shelves, hooks, bins, baskets, overhead storage, parking aids and Kits for Sports, Lawn & Garden and more.We will make it easy to organize your life and keep your floor clutter free. You not only get what you see, you can finally see what you’ve got… for a lot less than you think!

Finally, a strong and affordable way to get your garage organized and put your car back where it belongs! Maximize wall and overhead storage space with versatility.
Choose from:

  • Grid Wall in Black, White or Chrome
  • Mount Horizontal, Vertical or Overhead
  • HeavyDuty Powder Coated Steel
  • Or Choose Slat Wall in White, Gray or Beige
  • Adjust and Rearrange Accessories


Create Organization for Your Home! Contact us for your free design and estimate if you are in the Tri-State area!


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