Tuff-Seal’s patented interlocking joining flooring system allows you to quickly and easily install a stylish floor without adhesives or special tools. It is premium-quality material. Each tile is 18 × 18 inches, weighs 3.5 lbs and is twice as thick as most comparable tiles.
Tuff-Seal’s patented water-tight design makes it ideal for covering contaminated, uncured concrete or moisture problem subfloors.

Tuff-Seal is serious flooring-premium grade, heavy-duty flooring that contains twice as much premium-quality material (3.5 lb. per tile): as the typical lightweight, rigid-plastic tile. Injection-molded, solid vinyl tile that will not chip, crack, shift, loosen, split, or deflect under heavy stationary or rolling loads including fork lifts, automobiles, recreational vehicles, and yard equipment.
In addition to covering cracks, stains, and uneven floors, its high-density surface reduces humidity and repels dirt and dust to keep your space cleaner. And, in the rare case a Tuff-Seal Tile is damaged or stained, you replace only a tile or two, not the entire floor.

Its sleek, stylish appearance adapts to a broad range of applications-residential, aviation, commercial, industrial, and institutional.

To buy or to have a professionally installed Tuff Seal System Call 866-568-5611

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