Commercial Concrete and Epoxy Flooring

While Garage and Beyond has always been a trusted commercial epoxy flooring and commercial concrete flooring provider, we have now split into two distinct companies. Garage and Beyond now exclusively focuses on residential projects, while Bodenkraft works with contractors, architects, and interior designers to create unique commercial flooring solutions. As both companies continue to share the same showroom in Fairfield, NJ, we share a unique advantage and are able to offer customers a significantly larger selection than our competition.

By developing close relationships with manufacturers, the team at Bodenkraft can devise unique solutions for the most demanding environments. With affordable products ranging from highly industrial to decorative, no project exceeds their grasp. Here are just some of the applications for Bodenkraft floors:


We thank you for your continued interest in our commercial epoxy flooring and commercial concrete flooring. The high level of service, workmanship, and professionalism you expect from us at Garage and Beyond is now part of the Bodenkraft mission. Both companies serve customers in NYC, NY, NJ, and CT. Click over to today to learn more about our full range of commercial products and services!

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